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Monthly Archives: 十一月 2005

two soldiers shamly fight

I was on the trip to Lanzhou city, the bed near us on the train is occupied by 6 service man in the Army, they were on a return trip from their visit to Beijing. they are all junior officers in Lanzhou based army.
They seemed very talkative and enjoy their trip very much, when at last a fight began between two of them starting from the asking of two grilled duckling one of them took with him, he is about to send it to the senior officer in the army while the other deemed he was just buy it for the parents or relatives. From the talk, I knew they were from the same troops, while the other donnt prepare anything as a return gift for the same senior officer in the army, he feel very upset about it and require to claim the grilled duckling as a gift bought by them two, then it make their relationships with the up balanced, the man of the grill duckling doesnot agree.
They discussed for a while, then there were more fire in the talking, they start to blame each other for doing something evil, and try to hinder eacher other’s development, you know, as I was so near, I heard every word, they are mostly about the cruption cases related to the army.
The talk finally leaded to a fight, they wrested on the train, with one of them bleeding…….
While they are still young, confict is such a common and competation as well, but the facts from their mouse before their fight about the greedy army officers is really a shame!
Shame of who, their senior leader? of the future fighted solider on train?

two rubbish can in the kitchen

I found the kitchen rubbish can be divided into two catagories, one is leftovers of food or things that made the food, the other is trash which used to be plastics, tins and papers etc. usually we add these tow different type of things together into one trash can, it’s not scientific, so my choice would be buy an extra trash can for the kitchen….yes, you get it 😉
if agree on me, follow my choice, thank you.

post from my favoriate Email client failed

the following message is failed from sending from my Email client
post it again from the Gmail webmail

This is a test post as a matter of fact.

I set a email configuration that I can post from one of my
Gmail account, while I use gmail’s pop3 and smtp by becky!
internet mail. so when I write this stuff, I am with Becky!
not any loging process of msn spaces with a browser. wish me
lucky, and it’s going to be a good way for me to write…
wirte what…,Maybe diary, or just try to learn to write, I am
so left behind in my writting skill since I was defeated in
the GRE Analysis writing session. oh, so many science mindset
make me logic and less sentimential, even in this place, The
truth is that you can never see a man write out his mind. just
for practict, OK

just for test!

Hello world

hello world,
I found MSN spaces is a good places to say so, although, I don’t tried many other blog services such like blogger, wordpress, and smth blog, I don’t write too much on it because I don’t feel I am really connected with people. Many of my firends have msn spaces and my sister’s writting pad is also on the msn site.
stop care too much about the speed anymore, cuz I am post the entry through Email.
while there are so many people around this place, I’d like this place a place for me to inform and practice, inform them about my thought and mind, practice my Engish and Japanese. I am not going to copy too much, just make it out from the original.
Right place, I am in and "hello world" do you hear me?