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keep my heart young

It’s so excited to declare that " I am going to keep my heart young even when I am physically old". Even though I am currently young, I proclaimed that because I am actually thinking about the issue of getting out of the youth of my life many years later.
After many years of hard working and struggling which is such different from many other people of my age experienced, I am here a doctoral student in one of the top education platform in my major. But I start found myself little slow and less serious with things handy. My research, the relationships with my girlfriend, the coding things and communication with my parents. little bit afraid after having a deep breath. I kept ask myself why, Am I not going to work hard and be excellent, or just becasue there are so many excellent guys who are gloring? or just because my heart start growing old?
I start to imaging what a man will look like when his heart grows old, Monday is nothing different from Sunday, and life changes littler and littler when time steps by.My girlfriend tole me that a dissappoint for human being is that no matter what he’s doing or experience can it never totally own. but I think what people are acting and doing in daily life does affect what they are going to experience in the future, Then if you think you are old when still young, then your heart grows old. but when you always tell youself that you a young. no matter how old actually you are, be active and goal driven, you will never get old, because you will grow a young heart, for ever.
So I made a declaration that day, I am going to keep my heart young, for ever!!!!!


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