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first buy of software

There are many softwares that can be used under research or education licences, that is as a student, people can use them without pay, but there do have some good software that is very helpful but doesn’t provide student licence. "CyberArticle" among them. fortunately, CyberArticle is written by Chinese, and while it’s a very small software, it only cost 25 RMB. when I found this software is very helpful, I brought it on the internet a few days ago. feel very good, because it is the first commercial software that I owned a licence.
CyberArticle is simply like a notbook, you can take notes in RTF format, and then store notes of different type into different catagory, and then CyberArticle will store them all together into a file format call Book. many software also have such funcationalities too, but what makes CyberArticle so special is that it can store HTML file into your "book" directly, this is very helpful when you are with a very good article or page on the internet, you just want to view it later. by use the added shortcat in the IE menu, you can store this page directly into your Note Tree in book file you choose.


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