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Under Ubuntu Linux now…

Like a dream realized, I finally installed a Linux distribution "Ubuntu"
on my machine.

I get the Ubuntu CD from Ubuntu office site, they deliever CDs for free
for the reason of improving linux community.

Although this is not my first time installation of Linux(6 years ago,I
tried "bluepoint" linux, and then I am try redhat here and there, and
recently installed debian on my vmWare virtual machine), but never did I
really work with linux, Because this time, I think the situation’s gonna
change bit cuz, I do have little job to be done under Linux.

my machine now ask me to choose from Linux or Windows, it’s great
because the software I use as a boot manager which locaked on the "mbr"
section of the harddrive is very secure and easy manage, no danger when
any of my system crashed or need to be installed.

First thing after the Ubuntu installation is to set up the Chinese
working environment, it mainly includes the installation of Chinese
input tools(I choose "fcitx"). then I installed thunderbird, LumaQQ and
Qterm. more will coming lately…

Wish me good luck.


One response to “Under Ubuntu Linux now…

  1. Rachel 2006年02月19日 @ 5:48 下午

    wish you good luck brother


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